About Bethany

meBethany was born and raised in Orange County, California.  She lives behind the Orange Curtain, with her husband (Christian), son (Patrick), and Schnoodle (Perry).  Only one of them fancies a bow tie.  Hint: He is not a human. 🙂

Bethany graduated from Chapman University School of Law in 2011 (go Panthers!) and is currently making use of her doctorate by writing scathing letters about bad customer service to companies and teaching her son how to craft a well-reasoned argument.  Being that Patrick was born in September of 2018 and has yet to grasp the ability to hold his neck up for more than a few moments, he hasn’t mastered the art of persuasion.  Yet.

Bethany has traveled the world, from Amsterdam to Uganda, and believes the most magical place on the planet is New York City during Christmastime.  She also holds fast to the conviction that Simon & Garfunkel are highly superior to the vastly-overrated Beatles. Don’t even try to change her mind.