The I.E. and Me

I’ve been a bit quiet on the ol’ social media sites lately so I thought I would update my friends and family on my blog instead of posting an incredibly long post on Facebook.

So where to start?

The biggest news is that WE MOVED! When Christian and I bought our condo in Trabuco Canyon in 2014, we planned on staying there for a few years – tops. It was 808 square feet (including the stairs and entryway) 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. The second “bedroom” actually was a weird room where one wall was composed of shutters that opened directly into the living room. Not ideal for a bedroom, but it worked OK as an office.  Our condo was in a beautiful neighborhood but I always felt like I lived in one of those showrooms in IKEA that demonstrate what it is like to live in 900 square feet!

Well, a “few years” turned into 5 years. After SO MUCH praying, house hunting, crying (mostly me) and researching, we found our new house. The hitch? It was a brand new build and we had to sell our condo within 30 days in order to be able to claim the new home.  I did not believe it was possible but, at the same time, knew that this was going to be my home.

We found a buyer in 9 days.

We now have a beautiful 4 bedroom + loft, 3 bathroom townhouse in a great community in Riverside. We are very, very happy and thankful for this new chapter for our family.

The boys checking our our new fridge
A two car garage!
Our new home 🙂
Yay! Sold sign in window!
Christian approves
Signing new home papers!
Our home (we were the sales office!)


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